This week, we met with our newest showcase designer, Poldy Acosta. Poldy’s curiosity for understanding how thing’s are made are what drew her to fashion. She has an interest in all aspects of the fashion industry and wants to be well rounded with her talents. Her designs are inspired by different cultures and their respective histories. Be on the lookout for more from Poldy as she continues her quest to be all she can be within the fashion industry.

Q: What first drew you to the fashion industry? Tell us how you got started, and how you got to where you are today.

A: I’ve always been a crafty and creative person; I always want to try and find out how things were made. I first got into making accessories like hair bows and simple necklaces. Then I got into plush making and clothing but I was not impressed with my skills so I went into Sewing & Fashion Tech at Orlando Tech for almost 2 years. I plan to continue my education and skills in business and art.

Q: What career would you like to have in the fashion industry?

A: I would like to be a designer but not just a fashion designer. The reason I say this is because I feel the term has lost its true meaning and I do not wish to be called something I’m not. I also I don’t want to stay in one category of design but in several. I would like to do a little bit of fashion illustration, pattern drafting, fabric textile, and garment construction. For now I consider myself an Artist as my title.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

A: I like to look at things that are different and create an atmosphere. Some examples would be things from other cultures, historical looks and artistic feel.

Q: What do you consider the important facets of the fashion industry?

A: I believe more people should get into the process of how things are created. Whether its clothing, a portraits or a cup, I feel it allows us to understand and appreciate the work that was put into making it.

Q: What advice would you give to other designers who are looking to break into the industry?

A: Experiment with a little bit of everything even things that don’t seem relevant because it may help you in the long run and help you see what it is you do and don’t enjoy or want.